Burkini Yes! Burkini No? Did you ever try a Burkini? - ANNAH HARIRI

Burkini Yes! Burkini No? Did you ever try a Burkini?

Burkini or sitting like me and just watching the sea? What is your choice?

I still can't get used to burkini and just feel not so comfortable in it.

But I love the sea and water. As alternative, I like having a dinner or maybe just a little desert or a cuppa tea at a seashore restaurant.

Having a sunset walk along the beach (I usually choose deserted or less occupied places for this) is another favorite sea-thing of mine.

And when I miss swimming, I prefer then women only swimming pools or halal beaches where one can wear a more comfortable wear.

What about you? Are you a burkini-yes or burkini-no person? 


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I recently just purchased my first burkini. I wore it last week for a vacation outing where my daughter and I swam with the dolphins. I am still a newer convert and I was feeling slightly awkward with wearing something like this in public..so much coverage, I was concerned it would draw people’s attention more towards me, due to the suit looking so “Muslim”. But, alhamdulillah to my pleasant surprise I discovered that nobody seemed to be observing me or looking at me strange. What I learn from my burqini experience is that there’s nothing to worry about. Once you commit to wearing it for pleasure of Allah, then He takes care of keeping us safe from unwanted attention. That’s also in the purpose of covering. It’s a literal and representative example of Allahs love for us and inshaAllah now I feel comfortable to wear it whenever the situation arises.


I do wear Burkini, and I don’t believe that I have to wait for women only pool or halal beaches, you might find these in Islamic country, but living in the West you can’t find them. sometimes it takes more tome to get the courage to swim but and the end i always enjoy the water. I have grand kids that I take them to the pool and and they always beg me to swim and play with them with I always do. the only thing when I go to the pool i pick a time that less people is there.


I love to swim but I almost never do. If I swim it is in Morocco on beaches where people swim with their clothes on like myself. I swim with my abaya on. It is not comforteble but its either that or not at all.


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