Burkini Yes! Burkini No? Did you ever try a Burkini? - ANNAH HARIRI

Burkini Yes! Burkini No? Did you ever try a Burkini?

Burkini or sitting like me and just watching the sea? What is your choice?

I still can't get used to burkini and just feel not so comfortable in it.

But I love the sea and water. As alternative, I like having a dinner or maybe just a little desert or a cuppa tea at a seashore restaurant.

Having a sunset walk along the beach (I usually choose deserted or less occupied places for this) is another favorite sea-thing of mine.

And when I miss swimming, I prefer then women only swimming pools or halal beaches where one can wear a more comfortable wear.

What about you? Are you a burkini-yes or burkini-no person? 


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I am a university student that was having a hard time will dealing with my stress and was experiencing depression. It was recommended to me that a form of exercise would be helpful and I always loved swimming. So I got a burkini and although sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable when I walk into the pool people kind of stare but the rewards have been great for me. It sometimes can get a little heavy in the pool and slow me down but that’s ok I’m not trying to be a professional swimmer. When wet is does cling to your body but no one can actually see that cause you are in the water and soon as I get out I wrap a towel. May Allah make it easy for all of us


I am not comfortable with burqini as it shows the body shape when it gets wet. In Islam hijab or clothing of a Muslimah should not reveal her body shape. Therefore I don’t support burqini as it reveals body shape.


I’m not comfortable wearing a burkini because I simply don’t think that it does the real job of a real hijab. Burkinis still show shape and size of every part of our bodies especiallt when it’s wet. I can tell the size of the upper and lower body. I would not wear it in public. Because of my body’s worth, I don’t think it’s worth it. I would wear it in a swimming pool in a house backyard where no one sees, because I simply know that google camera can catch us in our backyard swimming pools one day. So, it’s my choice not to wear it. I love swimming and I still have the swimming skills by the way. But I would not lose my devotion to ALLAH SWT. Would Maryam ( RAA) wear it? Would Khadijah, Aisha of Fatima ( RAA) wear it? No way. It would not make sense going from a full hijab to a burkini. To me it’s like going from a t-shirt and jeans to a two piece swim suit. I’m not convinced! Yet I love having my breakfast by the beach or a swimming pool. I enjoy seeing water as it is calming and soothing alhamdolillah. So I’m not missing out! But I urge women out there to find a way to learn how to swim in a closed female only swimming pools! Who knows! Lots of people drawn because they don’t know how to swim. Instead of focusing so much on looks, let’s shift our focus to the skill of swimming inshaAllah!


But i swim only at woman only places or at a place far away from the other bathguests.
So i am coverd up in case someone shows up who is not allowed to see me in tight clothes. ( wet clothes even a burkini does show)
I am always looking for suitable burkini or sportswear so Annah, suprise me!

Annemarieke Ayse

I got the burquini about 9 years ago when I first heard of it. It’s changed my life. I was very resentful of not being able to swim because I love the water so much. And when I was able to go to public swim pools and beach vacations it was a Godsend. No one has ever reacted negatively to me and I have received nothing but compliments from people who are not Muslim. I can go to my gym and swim laps. My daughter got one right when she started wearing hijab and has never had to be denied swimming. Alhamdulillah for it.


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