Burkini Yes! Burkini No? Did you ever try a Burkini? - ANNAH HARIRI

Burkini Yes! Burkini No? Did you ever try a Burkini?

Burkini or sitting like me and just watching the sea? What is your choice?

I still can't get used to burkini and just feel not so comfortable in it.

But I love the sea and water. As alternative, I like having a dinner or maybe just a little desert or a cuppa tea at a seashore restaurant.

Having a sunset walk along the beach (I usually choose deserted or less occupied places for this) is another favorite sea-thing of mine.

And when I miss swimming, I prefer then women only swimming pools or halal beaches where one can wear a more comfortable wear.

What about you? Are you a burkini-yes or burkini-no person? 


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I totally love my burkhini, as does my sister. I wouldn’t be without mine. We wear them all the time in every country, be it at the pool, spa or beach. So comfortable!

syma Fareed



I will said yes. Swimming makes me more calm. Relax. I live in Indonesia so there is so many swimming suit for hijabers. If you interest please check one of them. I love polite wardrobe hijab swimming suit. Its really cover your body and very good to use when swim in swimming pool.


I have tried a couple but never found any that I have actually felt comfortable in. If someone could come up with a modest design , comfortable, stylish and practical… would be great.

Bushra Haider

Yes to Burkini. I believe it is about intention and then trying to be modest. I too want to enjoy the water so why not. I recently bought one online and it is quite nice.

Kathy-Ann F Mohammed

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