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Kalean prayer gown umrah abaya dress non-wrinkling in coffee

Kalean prayer gown umrah abaya dress non-wrinkling in coffee

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Introducing the Kalean Prayer Gown Umrah Abaya Dress, a stunning and elegant piece of modest wear from the renowned brand Annah Hariri. This one-piece abaya is made from a high-quality non-wrinkling fabric that is perfect for traveling making it ideal for those embarking on a pilgrimage or Umrah.

The abaya has an A-cut design which provides ample space for movement and comfort, making it perfect for prayer or Haj It comes in a beautiful coffee color that exudes elegance and sophistication. The round neckline is modest and the dress is completely covered, providing full coverage for the wearer.

The dress is not lined, which allows for breathability and comfort and is designed to be worn over your usual clothes. However, if worn alone a slip dress is required. The brand also sells slip dresses on their website to complement this abaya.

The Kalean Prayer Gown Umrah Abaya Dress features pockets which add functionality to the design, allowing the wearer to carry essential items with them wherever they go. The sleeve cuffs are also beautifully designed, adding an extra touch of elegance to this already stunning piece.

Please note that the KHIMAR is sold separately, but this abaya is the perfect complement to it. If you're looking for a high-quality stylish and comfortable abaya for your prayer or Umrah, the Kalean Prayer Gown Umrah Abaya Dress from Annah Hariri is an excellent choice.

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