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Introductory post or "Why so expensive?"

Assaliamu aleikum Sisters!

 The 1st post is finally here. September was a milestone for us – Annah Hariri is 3 years old… I remember when our FB page and website went live on the 1st September 2012 I wrote down all my ideas about AH project in order to cultivate them with time transforming into reality. One of the most important points on this list was writing a blog and highlighting every day life of Annah Hariri atelier. But this plan was hard to implement: I work full-time day job from 9 to 6 pm and have only 5 hours (till 12am) to share between my family and Annah Hariri. And then the new day comes and 5am alarm clock… It took me a lot of time to get my body and mind trained to live such a tight schedule.

My very 1st post will be probably an answer to the most “lazy” question: “Why so expensive?”. I call it lazy because if anyone makes a bit of research on how prices are formed, she will find that cheap price usually involves underpaid labor, harsh working conditions, low quality fabrics & etc. which is against sharia laws of our deen. On the contrary, we should be always guided by the best practices and sourcing the best materials available in the current situation and time. This is what we try to do… Welcome to A H atelier! A fair trade ummah & dawah project as I call it.


Let me start with elaborating on “ummah” term here. As many of you would know I am a revert to islam. After shahada, I deeply dived into ahadith and tafseer. Amazed by lectures of famous mufaseerun and daee (allow me to name few here: Nouman Ali Khan, Yusef Estes (revert), Ahmed Deedat (allah yarhamu), AbdulRaheem Green (revert), Dr. Zakir Naik, you name it), I was thinking: “What can I do to benefit this my new ummah?” I am not good at Arabic, English is not my mother tongue, thus forget Annah about giving dawah. But I did not give up on the idea of adding at least a small amount of value to our muslimeen society. And subhanallah God presented me an opportunity.


Why dawah? When I posted my very 1st picture in a headscarf to my FB profile, I was expecting comments. Surely! But I was not expecting such hate from my ex uni and school mates… Sitting under rock and crying was not a solution… I decided to show the beauty and universality of modest wear, its diversity from land to land. And subhanallah many of my non-muslim (or not yet muslim as I like to call them) friends wear A H clothes now. We also have many ladies who positively comment on our FB page and order our dresses because they have preserved that inner fitra of modesty. In sha Allah may they be guided to the Truth.


Now about the fair trade. Since not many would like to google the term as I would guess let me give quick definition here: Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers. To make it easy: it is basically a sharia law of trading where all the participants of manufacturing and production are paid fair wages. We try to source our fabrics and accessories from muslim retailers; all our employees are muslims. Not because we are racists ☺ but I do believe that we need to support each other in the ummah. We have a woman among our employees who is the only breadwinner for her 4 sons. There is also a muslim who was kinda lost and now alhamdouliallah is back to the straight way. A man who lost all in war and now is trying to establish the base again here in UAE… And more… We pay wages based on our employees’ experience and achievements, not underpaying them because of their passport (nationality) and age. Our atelier is furnished as a comfortable home where all staff love to spend time. 

A H prices reflect real costs involved in the production: fabrics, operational & admin costs, FTE salaries, and a little to none margin so we can keep improving our quality and practices. In the end it is a decision of every one where to spend the rizk you earn. You can support transglobal companies or help your own ummah by lending a hand. From our side we ensure to continuously working on improving our standards!



Fe amanillah




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Nusrath Jahen

posted on 5/14/15 8:42 AM

Asalamwalekum Annah

I am glad to have your commendable designs in my closet. I am a Hijabi and your dresses adds on to my appearance, its comfortable and gives a smart complete look even at work. I love all your designs and I should compliment you on your choice for colors.

Just a quick question : Will you have anything Special as Eid collection.. if yes that would be great!!! I am all up to be dresses in EID under A.H label. Please keep up the excellent work and robust collection. My best wishes to the A.H team.


Nusrath Jahen

Samreen Khan

posted on 3/27/15 7:39 AM

Assalam o alaikum

I want to start off by saying JazakAllah for everything!!!

I love your designs, work and the courteousness with your clients!

I just started ordering from you and already have a collection which I am proud of... Thanks for helping me with the sizes issues and helping me through online orders!

I will recommend and have already to all my family and friends:)

Looking forward to an amazing relationship!

Good Luck with everything and keep it up!!!

One Happy Client

~Samreen Jabbar

Halima Mohammadu

posted on 12/7/14 8:11 PM

Salam Annah,

I am intrigued by your outstanding designs and very impressed at the size charts which simplifies choosing the right size! I look forward to place an order and spread the word. :-)

Best wishes,


Crystal Melville

posted on 11/18/14 12:25 AM

Salaam Alaikom Sister!

I want to thank Allah for your courage! I am happy to say that I will be wearing only your designs from now on. I am at a place in my life where I am who Allah wants me to be and my inner must be reflected outside as well. I happened to come across your post on Facebook and I just fell in love with your designs. Myself and my maiden daughters will be wearing your designs. We also started a media company here in the US called, Eminent Culture Media. You can view our site at We will be happy to help you broaden your talents and help shape the minds and styles of many women in the states. We would also like to feature you in our online magazine: I love all of your pieces! My daughter has already named you as her wedding gown designer. Please fell free to reach our anytime. You will be in our prayers. Keep on with your goals and visions, they will help so many women across the world. I also loved what you stated about marriage on Facebook. More people need to hear it. I am so excited to have found your site. I think it was destined. May you always be blessed by Allah.

Crystal Melville

Jennifer Trickett

posted on 10/23/14 3:09 PM

Salaam alaikom sister,

I just want to say that I love you for the sake of Allah. I think you do amazing work... not just with your designs, but with your heart. Everything you write is so incredibly sincere and genuine. May Allah reward you with all that is best in this life and the next. Ameen. On a side note, I would love to someday see more tunics and pants and skirts on your site. I absolutely love your dresses/abayas, but they are not always practical to wear for every day work here in New England in the U.S. :-(

Back to blog


Assalam Alaikum sisters! Masha Allah sister your AH post is heart warming and very genuine. Thank you for giving us such an in depth look at what guides you. Alhamdulillah I too, am blessed to have your dresses to choose from to include in my muslimah wardrobe. May Allah bless you in your personal and business efforts. My love you too all!

Noorjahan SHAIKH

I love the designs in the modest dresses you design. I may not share your faith but I am a proud member on The Light of the World church and I am always seeking stylish dresses that encompass my modest dress. I hope to make a purchase soon. I just need to figure out what size best suits me. I have a full figure and I am worried of a tight fit around the hips. God bless.

Geneva Martinez

Sister , May Allah swt make you more successful in this world and in the hear after Ameen"
I am from London, I think you should come here and visit Inshaa’Allah. I go to events like mufti menk " Light upon light" and many more. They have loads of clothing stores in the event. You should come launch your company here. You’ll be amazed how loads of sisters love your work and how beautiful your abayas are. Mash’Allah may Allah give you more rizk Ameen" your doing a wonderful job! I have a friend who’s launching abayas in United Kingdom. Mash’Allah you have wonderful abayas. Yes they are expensive but then again I understand your workers and how it works.

Love You for the sake of Allah!

He’s the all hearing and the all seeing. He knows what you’ve been through and Allah swt loves you so always remember that!


Your dress is the best fabric and elegant looking woman who ever wear them , that is why I love it so much and try to look forward all the time to have new dress from your collection


Salaam alaikom sister,
I am glad I found your website where I can purchase modest wear. I am also a revert muslim. Like you, wearing hijab is the most challenging and hardest for me to do. I am still in a process of learning and accepting it. But Im glad that for a start I can wear these dresses. InshaAllah soon I can wear hijab proudly and without shame, I know Allah will bless me more.


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