I am a Christian! Can I wear a muslim dress?

I first received such an e-mail in far 2012 when we just started Annah Hariri. I was very pleasantly surprised and took my time to write a long reply with quotes and Quran and Bibles references. I think that that time my reply simply put the question sender off. 
In the run of 5 years Annah Hariri is existing, those questions about permissibility of wearing our dresses by Christian, Jewish or simply modest loving women were coming. When I had received that 1st letter in 2012 I thought that it was rather an exception and misinformation but now I see it is more like a common stereotype. And I can't understand where it is coming from?
What is your opinion about why non-muslim women are afraid to buy & wear modest dresses? Why do they attribute our dresses to muslim ladies only?
What will be your reply to the question I receive lots: "I am not Muslim but can I wear your dresses Annah?"
I would love to read replies from women of all faith in the comments!


  • Toneeya

    We are all Allah’s creations so it should not matter what our faiths are. The muslim dresses also appeal to women around the world who want to dress modestly in their daily lives. Isn’t that wonderful?

  • Nicholas Bonham-Carter

    I would love to see what your response was to the question. I would think that the questioner was worried that she would perhaps be offending moslem women by wearing clothes which they would choose for themselves.
    If a non-Christian woman would dress as a Catholic nun, then I could see some offense being taken by some Christians; however as your clothes do not seem to be associated with any particular religious duties, then I don’t see any cause for worry.
    I can see that your clothing is designed to protect the wearer’s skin from head to toe from the blazing hot sun of the Middle East, as is men’s clothing as well, and if seen in this light of practicality, then I would hope that there would be no reason why a Christian lady should not wear your lovely clothes.—Nicholas

  • umelheyer bullo

    i like your products because you are not only promoting your products but also it is part of calling to islam( da’ewa).

  • umelheyer bullo awaji

    modesty is important for all human beings. not only for Muslims.

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