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Books I read about raising kids in Islam

Assaliamu Aleikum! 

I may be having a different approach in finding books about raising kids in Islam but I would love to share it.  

To cut a long story short, I would not specifically go for a book written by a muslim scholar or author. I love to explore. I read general books about raising happy and content kids and while reading I try to find those ideas which correspond to sunnah and seerah. Needless to say, one must know sahih ahadith relating to the topic of children upbringing in order to be able to find parallels between the current day theory and our timeless beautiful deen of ours. 

So below I am sharing the books I loved the most recently. It must be noted that everything and anything I would read with "a grain of salt": I may like some ideas as they go in line with Islamic principles and dismiss other opinions as they are totally out of "akhlaq". But dismissing a couple of points does not make the book totally invaluable, does it? "Take the good and forget the bad" as they say. 

What I found is that just reading ahadith (from "Riyad as-salihin" for example) will give you a good base in knowing islamic principles about kids and raising them with Islam but reading various books of various authors will broaden your mind and give explanation to some ahadith you may be just taking as a theory but those books give so to say "hands-on" situations. Do not get me wrong here: we should never doubt the truth of sahih ahadith and the wisdom behind them but I find it so enlightening when I finally get "that very wisdom" by reading many-many books of different writers explaining how to deal with kids in certain situations and those explanations are just what sunnah and anadith tell us!

Without much further ado, here is the list. I hope you will enjoy reading these books and finding those parallels I am talking about. 

And to make this post even more fun, I am diluting it with some cute mother-daughter pictures from our recent collections.

Fe amanillah

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Salam alayki…….I appreciate how u have read other books and have been able to pick the good and leave the bad combining such information with hadiths. It just makes certain information clearer and easier to grasp. This in no way belittles any of the hadiths….it just help ls make them clearer. I also do this and it’s really been helpful. the listed books are also fantastic as I have read a couple of them.. thank you for sharing

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