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Explore Abayas with Annah Hariri

Annah Hariri presents a diverse range of abayas, tailored to various styles and preferences. From timeless to modern designs, our collection aims to empower women, enabling them to embrace their unique style while maintaining modesty. Join us in exploring the evolution of this timeless piece and witnessing its transformation over the years.

Tracing the Transformation of Abayas

Abayas boast a rich history, spanning several centuries. Traditionally, they served as a comprehensive cover for the body, revealing only the face and hands. With time, they have witnessed numerous transformations, reflecting various cultural influences and fashion trends.

In earlier times, black fabric dominated abaya designs with minimal adornments. However, the fashion evolution brought diversity in colors, fabrics, and designs. Today, you will find abayas ranging from vibrant to pastel shades, enabling women to showcase their style while upholding modesty principles.

Celebrating Diversity through Abayas

Abayas hold a unique place in celebrating cultural diversity. At Annah Hariri, we stand by the belief that fashion should represent and celebrate every woman. Thus, our collection features a versatile range of abayas, inspired by various cultures and traditions.

Our "New Arrivals" collection brings forward the latest trends, highlighting unique elements such as ruffles, pleats, and embroidery. Regardless of your preference for minimalism or elaborate designs, we have an abaya for every occasion.

Timeless Elegance in Best Sellers

For aficionados of timeless elegance, our "Best Sellers" collection blends classic designs with contemporary twists, resulting in graceful and sophisticated abayas, perfect for both casual and formal settings.

Choosing Your Ideal Abaya

Embarking on the journey to find your perfect abaya can be exhilarating, with numerous options at your disposal. Be it a traditional black abaya or a contemporary piece; our collection promises to cater to your style.

Top Picks Include:

Styling for Every Occasion

Abayas offer versatility, adapting to various events and environments. From formal gatherings and workplace settings to casual outings and travel, there is a style for every need.

Formal Events:

Opt for luxurious fabrics or intricate embellishments for occasions like weddings. The Mayrose Organza-Like Faux Pearl Abaya serves as an ideal choice, paired with statement jewelry and heels.


Maintain professionalism with neutral-colored, tailored abayas. The Boho Modest Dress offers a polished look, especially when paired with a belt and closed-toe heels.

Casual Day Out:

For relaxed days, consider breathable fabrics and minimal designs. The Sport Dark Blue Abaya, combined with sneakers and a crossbody bag, makes a chic statement.

Travel and Beach Wear:

Non-wrinkling fabrics like polyester are ideal for travel, while lightweight fabrics and vibrant prints suit beach vacations.


  • How to Choose the Right Abaya Size? Refer to our detailed size charts on each product page and compare your measurements for a comfortable fit.
  • Are Abayas Suitable for Various Body Types? Absolutely, our diverse range accommodates different body shapes, enhancing your natural beauty.
  • Abaya Care Tips? Follow the product label’s care instructions, generally involving gentle washing and avoiding harsh chemicals.
  • International Shipping Available? Yes, we facilitate worldwide shipping to bring our products to global customers.
  • What is Your Return Policy? We maintain a flexible return and exchange policy, details of which are available on our Returns & Exchanges page.

In conclusion, abayas are a symbol of modesty, cultural diversity, and personal style. At Annah Hariri, we invite you to explore our diverse collection and find the abaya that resonates with your style. Embrace your individuality, use accessories wisely, and make your unique fashion statement with confidence!

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Pls pls have clothes on plus size models. I’m size 16/18 and it’s difficult to choose bc what looks good on a size 4 model can look ugly on me. I’m sure lots of plus real women would agree with me


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