Lisaa Women luxury W two piece khimar prayer garment hijab dress

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Introducing the Lisaa Women Luxury W Two-Piece Khimar Prayer Garment Hijab Dress by Annah Hariri – a stunning ensemble that effortlessly combines style, comfort, and modesty. Whether you're attending prayer services, embarking on a pilgrimage, or seeking an elegant outfit for daily wear, this exceptional hijab dress is the perfect choice.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this two-piece garment is made from high-quality satin fabric that drapes beautifully and exudes a luxurious feel. The smooth texture of the fabric enhances the overall elegance of the dress, ensuring you look and feel your best on any occasion.

The set includes a skirt with an elasticated waistband for a comfortable and adjustable fit. This feature allows you to move freely without compromising your modesty. The skirt's modest length ensures proper coverage while maintaining a graceful silhouette.

The khimar, an integral part of the set, is thoughtfully designed to provide extensive coverage for your prayer sessions or daily wear. With its generous length and width, it offers privacy and allows you to focus on your spiritual journey without distractions. The khimar effortlessly drapes over your head and shoulders, creating a sophisticated and modest look.

Annah Hariri, a renowned brand in the world of modest fashion, ensures the highest standards of quality and design. Each piece is created with precision and care, combining contemporary style with traditional modesty. The Lisaa Women Luxury W Two-Piece Khimar Prayer Garment Hijab Dress is a testament to Annah Hariri's commitment to delivering exceptional garments that cater to the diverse needs of modern Muslim women.

Embrace the essence of elegance and grace with the Lisaa Women Luxury W Two-Piece Khimar Prayer Garment Hijab Dress. Whether you wear it for prayer, pilgrimage, or everyday occasions, this exquisite ensemble promises to elevate your style while honoring your values of modesty and spirituality. Experience the beauty of Annah Hariri's craftsmanship and step into a world where fashion meets faith.

LR 618 Taro Color Khimar set

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