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Gray Eedith embroidered abaya with tassel belt and kimono sleeves details Eid occasion abaya

Gray Eedith embroidered abaya with tassel belt and kimono sleeves details Eid occasion abaya

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Introducing the Gray Eedith Embroidered Abaya, a truly breathtaking garment designed to make a statement on the auspicious occasion of Eid. Immerse yourself in the world of elegance and luxury with this exquisite creation from the renowned brand, Annah Hariri.

This stunning abaya showcases an intricate embroidery that adds a touch of opulence to its overall design. Delicate patterns, meticulously crafted, adorn the flowing fabric, creating a mesmerizing visual appeal. The intricate embroidery is skillfully placed to enhance the beauty of the garment and bring out its rich cultural heritage.

One of the standout features of this abaya is the charming tassel belt. It adds a touch of playfulness and femininity while accentuating the waistline, creating a flattering silhouette. The tassels elegantly sway with every movement, adding an element of grace and sophistication to your ensemble.

To further elevate the style quotient, this abaya features kimono sleeves, adding a contemporary twist to its traditional design. The loose and flowing kimono sleeves provide comfort and ease of movement while exuding an effortlessly chic look.

The gray color of the abaya exudes understated elegance and versatility, making it suitable for various occasions beyond Eid. It complements a range of skin tones and allows for easy coordination with different accessories and hijabs.

Please note that the black slip dress worn underneath the abaya is sold separately on our website. It enhances modesty and adds a layer of sophistication to your ensemble, completing the overall look with grace.

Experience the luxury and sophistication of Annah Hariri with the Gray Eedith Embroidered Abaya. This exceptional piece combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements, ensuring that you stand out with confidence and style on this special Eid occasion.

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