Deluna three piece maxi lightweight abaya in rustic brown

$89.90 $189.70


IMPORTANT: please see size chart in the next slides of abaya's measurements. The smaller size abayas have shorter length and if you want to go for a longer length as you are tall then go with the size L or XL. Don't worry about the fit, it won't be bulky or oversize as abaya has apron to adjust the fit and the pattern of abaya itself is not oversized one.  In my  videos on instagram I wore size L and XL abayas as I 176 cm tall but in regular wear I am size M or even S in some. Hence if you need a longer abaya, easily go for bigger size. Hope this helps otherwise DM me on Insta.  

The texture of fabric is special and does not allow the design to crinkle. The contrast brown color overlook seam at the edge of abaya stands out. It is a timeless suitable-for-all-seasons design which includes a long sleeve slip dress, apron piece you tie as per your style and a throw over abayas. You can surely wear it with only slip and apron parts and/or throw over for an errand day. 

The fabric which is super lightweight and flowy as well cooling in hot weather. Also available in black and white colors.


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