Who Made Your Clothes

Discover who made your clothes, share their stories, and influence global change

Do you ever think about where your clothes come from, who made them, how and at what cost? We follow fair trade in fashion industry because we value people, the environment, creativity and support profit in equal measure. 

Annah Hariri exists for the very reason that we want a sustainable, safer, fairer and more open supply chain. Fashion is a billion dollar industry that can and must harness its power to make things better for the millions of garment industry workers without whom it wouldn't function. 

It is these personal stories behind the brands that make each and every piece of clothing we sell unique. Please take time to discover more through clicking on the beautiful faces to the left.

Together we will use the power of fashion to inspire change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain.


Meet Gamze (Turkey)


Operations manager, our right hand we heavily rely on. 

Gamze joined us as a model but she never worked in this position. She is now the main chain of Annah Hariri operational network. She is the one who manages the fabrics for your dresses: when, which one and how many thousand meters will be delivered. She is the one who receives all your orders and passes them to processing. She loves all your special comments you leave when placing the order :)


Meet Ezgi (Turkey)


Cargo manager, the knower of all shipping and customs relating matters

Ezgi is the master of shipping. She is the one who processes each and every of your parcels to be delivered on time. Processing hundreds parcels a day she never makes a mistake ma sha allah. Dedication and responsibility is on point!


Meet Guler (Turkey)


Head Patter Maker who brings each of the designs to life

She is a gem! Kindest personality is combined with utter professionalism. Each design which Annah draws or just describes, she is able to fulfil in the pattern. She ranges all the sizes and oversees the custom made orders.  


Meet Ceylan (Turkey)


Custom made orders manager who reads and follows all your requests about dress customization as per measurements. 

Ceylan started as a sampling tailor but she always had passion to learn pattern making as Guler. She studied hard Gerber programs and took respectable courses and now hold the position of custom-made orders manager. She is always happy to receive your accurately taken measurements and prepare a perfect pattern for you. 


Meet Zehra (Turkey)


Sampling Tailor, enthusiast of her work

Zehra joined as a tailor but was noticed for immaculate work and dedication. She was later promoted to a sampling tailor position. Each dress which Annah creates and Gular prepares a pattern for, Zehra is the one who stitches it in an impeccable manner to prepare for the fittings and later photo shooting.   



Meet Ozge (Turkey)



Ozge joined us without a finance experience but she was full of determination to learn and deliver the value to the company. In a year she became an important asset to the company. She is one of the youngest employees in the company who is excited about the growth opportunity with Annah Hariri. 


Meet Aytekin (Turkey)


Head of Construction and Maintenance 

Aytekin builds Annah Hariri. Literally! He has re-decorated our 5-storey office which is now accommodating a cooking kitchen and dining area for our employees, praying rooms, comfortable heated and A/C'ed premises. Any designs we envision for our office Aytekin transforms into reality with the best of quality and time. 



Meet Umaima (Syria)


Junior Customer Care Assistant

Umaima is responsible mainly for Arabic communication in our company. She maintains our arabic website to be up to date with latest models www.annahariri.ae and also manages live chat on our main website www.annahariri.com 


Meet Bilal (Syria)


Photo and Video Producer

Bilal and his family of 6 were running to escape war in Syria. They reached Turkey but sadly as a family of 4... He is building his new life here in Turkey and we are happy to be a part of it. Bilal records 3D videos of dresses as well as produces image videos of Annah Hariri designs. 


Meet Mahmut (Syria)


Head of Fabric Printing Production 

Mahmut was introduced to us by Bilal. He quickly took the position of fabric printing production head as he has a relevant experience in this sphere. 


Meet Adel (Turkey)


Head of tailoring department, 30 years of experience

Adel was our very 1st employee when we 1st opened Annah Hariri HO in Turkey in 2015. He is the "oak" of our company and a very hard-working and honest person. On a daily basis, he makes sure that over thousands of dresses are produced and released with the highest standard. He is a master of Çiğ Köfte as well as he comes from Urfa city. 


Meet Abdul (Syria)


Master Cutter

Abdul is very dedicated to his job. He is also the best dressed in his department as he pays an importance to the way he looks. This just adds up to his professionalism. 


Meet Aysenur (Turkey)



We currently employ over 50 tailor and we will be adding photos of them here. They are the ones who stitch your dresses with care every working day. Aysenur is the one of them and you may have also seen her in our advertising video about Annah Hariri.


Meet Abu Ali (Syria)




Abu Ali comes from Aleppo. He is a refuge in Turkey. He is a father to 3 children. He works his hardest to provide for his family and build a new home here in Turkey. 


Meet Abdul Hadi (Syria)



Abdul Hadi is from Damascus. He is father of 3. A very kind hearted person and a dedicated worked.  


Meet Hatem (Syria)


Fabric Production Assistant

Hatem is brother of Bilal and we are happy to support families where refugees can find a new home in Bursa and start building a new life.