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Meet Ailyn (Australia)


Head of Customer Care Department, 20 years of experience

Ailyn was born in Australia and is currently residing in Turkey. She is that lovely super friendly lady who responds to your e-mails and phone calls. Ailyn has 20 years of experience in customer service and puts each her effort to support our customers with the best care and shopping experience. 


Meet Gokhan (Turkey)


Head of Production Department in Turkey, 30+ years of experience

With more than 30 years in the industry, Gokhan manages production and manufacturing at Annah Hariri atelier in Turkey delivering the best tailoring standards for your dresses.  


Meet Hafize (Turkey)


Quality Control Manager, 26 years of experience

Hafize supervises a tailoring department in Turkey ensuring that Annah Hariri items are produced in line with company's quality standards. 


Meet Muhammad (Syria)


Master Cutter, 25 years of experience 

Muhammad was a successful tailoring business owner in Syria. When the war started, he lost everything and moved out of the country to find a new home in Turkey. We value each and every experience that Muhammad brings to Annah Hariri to create perfect and modest cut of your dresses. He helps to bring the designs to reality. 



Meet Adel (Turkey)


Senior master cutter assistant, 30 years of experience

Adel supports Muhammad in cutting and preparing for stitching over hundreds of dresses per day. He is a master of Çiğ Köfte as well. 


Meet Suna (Turkey)


Tailor, 15 years in the industry

Suna lives in a suburb of Bursa where it is difficult to find a job. Annah Hariri covers transportation for its employees so as to give equal opportunities for city and town employees. Suna is an excellent tailor with a dedication to details. 


Meet Malak (Turkey)


Tailor, Freshman

Malak works at Annah Hariri together with her father Adel to help to support the family. She started as an interns and gained a lot of experience during last 6 month.


Meet Yakub (Turkey)


Senior tailor, 15 years in the industry

Yakub’s job is to stitch your dresses. As he is an experienced stitcher we are happy that he does this job for us. You can see the result of her experience in your own dresses.



Meet Maria (Phillipines)


Dubai shop assistant, 10 years in the textile industry

Maria started as a tailor but she always had passion to learn about sales and customer service. She studied hard computer literacy and took sales courses and joined our team in 2014 as a shop assistant. She is always happy to meet you at our Dubai outlet where she can assist you in taking your measurements or place a custom made order.


Meet Ibrahim (Egypt)


Master cutter at Dubai atelier, 20 years of experience

Ibrahim supports his extended family in Egypt. He joined Annah Hariri as a tailor and had shown a strong determination and loyalty during 4 years in the company. He currently hold the position of master cutter for your dresses and abayas. He also supervises hand-embroidery department ensuring the quality of Lulu Abaya, Delphinium gown and all the hand embroidered items of Annah Hariri.


Meet Mohammad (Pakistan)


Quality Control at Dubai Branch

Mohammad arrived from Pakistan to Dubai in 2014 and his very 1st job interview was at Annah Hariri. We loved his passion to work and grow in his career - Mohammad was hired as a tailor and is now holding a position of QC supervisor. "My goal is to grow with Annah Hariri until I retire" - says Mohammad who is 24 years old now, a father of 2 daughters and a caring husband. 


Meet Abdul (Syria)


Machine engineer, Post Graduate 

Abdul, 21 years old, is a Syrian refugee who is now living in Bursa. Abdul takes care of all  machinery to make sure all our numerous tailoring machines and other devices work without interruption and errors. 


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