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Reward Points

1. Shop

The ANNAH HARIRI Reward Points scheme is a way of showing our appreciation for our customers by rewarding you each time you shop on our online store.

NOTE: to enjoy with the Reward Points Program you will need to register! Placing order as guest will not make you earn points!

2. Earn

You will earn 10 points for every 1 USD Dollar that you spend (excluding shipping). For example, for the dress of 159 USD you will earn 1590 points.

For every 1500 points you earn you will receive $15 to spend on your next purchase. 
For every 2500 points you earn you will receive $25 to spend on your next purchase. 

For example, if you have earned 8000 points you can redeem 5 vouchers of 15 USD value:

8000points :1500 voucher = 5 vouchers of 15 USD value. You will have 75 USD to use for your purchase. The remaining balance of 500 points will be carried over.

Gift Card:
Customers can still earn points for purchases that are paid for with Gift Cards.

3. Redeem

You will be given the option at checkout to enter the number of points you wish to redeem against the cost of your transaction. You can choose to redeem all of your points or spread them across different transactions.

4. Add Points: 

Add points when orders reach the following status(es): Order Fulfilled.


Subtract Points:

Subtract points when orders reach the following status(es):
Order Refunded or Cancelled (whichever occurs earlier)

For "Order Refunded", points will always be subtracted according to the actual amount refunded.


5. Refer-a-Friend and Earn!

Give your friends a special 10% Off coupon for their first purchase. This option is available on the website. Earn yourself a 10% Off reward for every successful referral.

Note: friends must purchase using their special coupon code for you to receive a reward.

Once your friend completes the purchase, you will be automatically sent the 10% discount code.

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