Quarantine and how Prophets reacted!

If you are in COVID-19 isolation/quarantine, take this time to reflect on the below. 

 It was the isolation of the basket that Musa (aleihi salam) was saved from Pharaoh.

It was the isolation of the cave that Muhammad (sallahu aleihi wa sallam) was given Prophethood.

It was in the isolation of the whale that Yunus (a) was forgiven. 

It was in the isolation of the cave that the Ashaab-ul Kahf (People of the cave) were protected from oppression. 


Do not fear solitude. It is through the solitude that Allah is found.

Whenever you are alone, remember that Allah has sent the whole world away, so that it is only you and Him!


Just like you we are beginning a new 'normal' today. Most of us have become teachers overnight and will be navigating the unknown waters of working from home, unemployment, full time care of our children and self isolation. It will test us all but I know we will all come out the other side of this with so much more than what we went into it with.

I am choosing to see this as an opportunity to let our environment heal, our hearts soften, our resilience prosper and our human kindness reach new levels.

Sending you all the love and kindness
A H 

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