I am a Christian! Can I wear a muslim dress?

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I am a Christian! Can I wear a muslim dress?

I first received such an e-mail in far 2012 when we just started Annah Hariri. I was very pleasantly surprised and took my time to write a long reply with quotes and Quran and Bibles references. I think that that time my reply simply put the question sender off. 
In the run of 5 years Annah Hariri is existing, those questions about permissibility of wearing our dresses by Christian, Jewish or simply modest loving women were coming. When I had received that 1st letter in 2012 I thought that it was rather an exception and misinformation but now I see it is more like a common stereotype. And I can't understand where it is coming from?
What is your opinion about why non-muslim women are afraid to buy & wear modest dresses? Why do they attribute our dresses to muslim ladies only?
What will be your reply to the question I receive lots: "I am not Muslim but can I wear your dresses Annah?"
I would love to read replies from women of all faith in the comments!


  • Posted on by Jennie

    I think anymore people are very afraid of others accusing them of cultural appropriation. Where I see imitation as the sincerest form of flattery, others see it is insulting, like someone not from a cultural or religious group trying to steal an identity and make it their own. I see the point and I also don’t. I think your clothes are lovely and stylish! It is nice to see modest, modern, stylish clothing for those of us who feel more comfortable being covered.

  • Posted on by Mongoos

    I am Buddhist, I find these dresses styilish, that`s all. My simple concern is if they have a special meaning for the Muslim, and therefore it would result as offensive wearing them simply for a of style choice. In a way as if someone wore a nun dress, I think it would be outrageous for a Christian.
    Advise needed!

  • Posted on by Laura

    Your dresses are beautiful. They are appropriate for work. It is hard to find dresses that your first thought is “I like this! It looks great!” Rather than “It’s only ok but it meets my criteria to stay midest”. It comes down to the fabric and style choices – which let you go from work to school to wherever you need to be – and look great without compromise!

  • Posted on by Sarah Isles

    I appreciate the models who are not wearing hijab. As a Christian, I am interested in the modest dress. However, wearing a hijab is not a sign of modesty in the US, it is a purely religious garment. I am aware Muslims wear the hijab out of modesty, but if a Christian were to wear a hijab people would not think “oh what a modest woman,” but they would think “oh, a Muslim.” I cannot picture myself wearing a hijab, since it would be a betrayal to the witness of my religion. Perhaps in the future hijab will become more fashionable for women of all faiths. Currently I wish to see how the dress looks without a hijab. What does the neck line look like? I cannot picture myself in the dress if the woman wearing it is in hijab, since I do not picture myself in hijab. Also, the model should probably have her hair up sometimes. Many of the dresses are more formal, and hair down is an informal look.

  • Posted on by Miss M.E Swinchatt

    I don’t buy the dresses because they are modest, or that I want to be modest. I buy them because they are beautiful, elegant and in pretty colours and prints. Who ever posted about covering the body to prevent lustful sin, is talking rubbish. If a man wants to abuse a women, he will. What you wear or don’t wear, how much skin you expose, has nothing to do with it. It’s all about power and control over a women. Women should be able to war as little or as much as they want without being abused. The man has no right to abuse a women even if she is naked!!!!! Don’t make men’s abuse all about women please. The men have to take responsibility for their actions and urges, not the women. Anna’s clothing line is for everyone, all faiths. Like one lovely lady from customer services said, ‘We are all sisters,’ when I said I was Christian. That says it all and what it should be about.

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