I am a Christian! Can I wear a muslim dress?

I first received such an e-mail in far 2012 when we just started Annah Hariri. I was very pleasantly surprised and took my time to write a long reply with quotes and Quran and Bibles references. I think that that time my reply simply put the question sender off. 
In the run of 5 years Annah Hariri is existing, those questions about permissibility of wearing our dresses by Christian, Jewish or simply modest loving women were coming. When I had received that 1st letter in 2012 I thought that it was rather an exception and misinformation but now I see it is more like a common stereotype. And I can't understand where it is coming from?
What is your opinion about why non-muslim women are afraid to buy & wear modest dresses? Why do they attribute our dresses to muslim ladies only?
What will be your reply to the question I receive lots: "I am not Muslim but can I wear your dresses Annah?"
I would love to read replies from women of all faith in the comments!
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  • Posted Alicia Gonzales

    I love this article because I was just looking up modest clothing for my daughter she’s actually pretty stylish but she’s a pretty strict Christian who personally wants to dress more and more modestly and I was helping her look up modest dress online and of course certain Muslim outfits pop up and some of them are very beautiful but I didn’t know if it was inappropriate to wear them.

  • Posted Zanele

    I am a Christian and for the first time I have found a place where I can buy modest clothing. I have been looking for such clothing for a long time. May God bless you.

  • Posted Maria Laya

    Your recent post Hannah is so touching on how you help your employees survive this pandemic financial problems of your business
    What you are doing is great
    I am Catholic and I can’t wait to get your dresses


  • Posted Judy Partipilo Marth

    I am Italian-American, Christian and love beautiful clothes! I have worn Indian saris because they are beautiful and feminine to the delight of my Indian friends. These clothes are so very beautiful and nothing in the style specifically says “Muslim” to me. They are just beautiful, feminine clothes that happen to be of modest design. I just received the first of 3 orders and I cannot wait to wear it!!! I am a cantor in my church and can wear any of these designs when I sing for Mass. Although my church is not strict – I can even wear slacks – but I am expected to dress appropriately, no short skirts or sleeveless. I’m so glad I found you and I know I will get many compliments on my outfits!!!

  • Posted Elizabeth

    When I came to your site I asked the same question. If the dresses had significant meaning for those of the muslim faith, I didn’t want to taint that importance by wearing the dresses out of context. I was happy to read how many people have commented saying “If a woman wants to be modest then she should be allowed to, regardless of religion.” Your clothes are gorgeous and regardless of how or why someone came to your site I’m glad we can all enjoy your beautiful products.

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