I am a Christian! Can I wear a muslim dress?

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I first received such an e-mail in far 2012 when we just started Annah Hariri. I was very pleasantly surprised and took my time to write a long reply with quotes and Quran and Bibles references. I think that that time my reply simply put the question sender off. 
In the run of 5 years Annah Hariri is existing, those questions about permissibility of wearing our dresses by Christian, Jewish or simply modest loving women were coming. When I had received that 1st letter in 2012 I thought that it was rather an exception and misinformation but now I see it is more like a common stereotype. And I can't understand where it is coming from?
What is your opinion about why non-muslim women are afraid to buy & wear modest dresses? Why do they attribute our dresses to muslim ladies only?
What will be your reply to the question I receive lots: "I am not Muslim but can I wear your dresses Annah?"
I would love to read replies from women of all faith in the comments!


  • Posted on by Ifreke

    As a Christian I find the dresses to be nice and elegant even though the headwear is optional for ke

  • Posted on by Sandra Natal

    I am a christian and I thought that this was perfect for me taking a vow of modesty for my Lord. I found them to be beautiful, modesty with elegance. I will pray that your fashion continues to thrive.

  • Posted on by Aurora

    I guess Christian women have a right to wear modest dresses. As we go back in history, jewish people which considered to be the origin of christianity wear modest attire with the cover on their hair. It was also written in the bible about wearing modestly but during this days, it is not mandated to christian women to wear modest attire. It depends upon the person if she is feel comfortable on the attire. I am a Christian women but I confidently wear modest attire like Muslim women do. I love to wear modest dresses because it defines me as I am, I feel comfortable wearing it and it makes me to be myself. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable wearing modest dress such as muslim attire is when some muslim people will talk to me, and I cannot understand their language, that could be shameful. But over all, I like how Muslim women dressed. It just shows that body is sacred and it should be covered to prevent lustful sin. ✌ this is just my own perception, and I know that we have different perception about modesty. Sometimes, it should be physicaly and moraly

  • Posted on by Vivyangel

    Women is good we cover our body. We are not meant to expose our body because its precious. Let’s teach the world to dress modesty.

  • Posted on by Eryka Cohen

    When I first came across this site, the last thing I though about was religion in the sense that I was looking for dresses that were fashionable, comfortable, feminine and elegant. I was so excited about finding this online store, that ladies wearing hijab did not register in my mind. It seems that now days people feel the need to be culturally sensitive, to the point that in doing so good intentions may come across as insensitive. Prior to the Roaring 1920’s and Industrialism women of all faiths wore beautiful Maxi dresses. The need for people to define and categorize people by their clothing is birthed from fear, ignorance and propaganda constructed to divide and conquer. These dresses have the power to unite by crossing over to women of other faiths and cultural backgrounds who find them appealing enough to wear. As a Muslimah, living in America , I must say that I have received many complements on the dresses. I have given this site address to women from Orthodox Jewish faith and Christian women who found these dresses just beautiful. I firmly believe these dresses express beauty and modesty and through wearing them we influence the world around us.

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