I am a Christian! Can I wear a muslim dress?

I first received such an e-mail in far 2012 when we just started Annah Hariri. I was very pleasantly surprised and took my time to write a long reply with quotes and Quran and Bibles references. I think that that time my reply simply put the question sender off. 
In the run of 5 years Annah Hariri is existing, those questions about permissibility of wearing our dresses by Christian, Jewish or simply modest loving women were coming. When I had received that 1st letter in 2012 I thought that it was rather an exception and misinformation but now I see it is more like a common stereotype. And I can't understand where it is coming from?
What is your opinion about why non-muslim women are afraid to buy & wear modest dresses? Why do they attribute our dresses to muslim ladies only?
What will be your reply to the question I receive lots: "I am not Muslim but can I wear your dresses Annah?"
I would love to read replies from women of all faith in the comments!


  • Lambie

    For me..I think some of the styles or dresses would only look good with a hijab. So I wonder if the styles would look good on me. I would even like to wear one for style. But it is so seen as a muslim only thing that im hesitant.

  • Tabitha

    I think she ask because you tag your site to be a Muslim site. Meanwhile alot of Christian also dress in a decent way. Also we see some Muslim that also dress in an indecent way. I think dressing decently is not only about religion but also personality

  • Melissa Haas

    These dresses are beautiful, graceful and feminine. Every woman should feel welcome to wear them. I own two and without fail receive compliments each time I wear them. I am a Christian (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

  • Sarah

    As a catholic, I believe modesty belongs to everyone! Your dresses are beautiful and allow for freedoms not available in secular fashion.

  • Sandy Hernandez

    Hi I am a Christian and I love that I have found this beautiful modest clothes, now days is hard for me to find modest clothing my only issue is that I am short 5”2 and not so thin. I wonder if you could do outfits that could help ladies like me to look beautiful modest and elegant. Thank you so much and beautiful work, God bless you.

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