You don’t need to buy a new set of maxi dresses for cold weather. 

I love wearing maxi dresses in winter. Winter doesn’t have to be grey. With the right pieces for layering, you can still wear your bright and colourful maxi dresses even as temperatures drop. You’ll be a burst of colour in this otherwise gloomy weather. How refreshing!


 All dresses are from the website

We usually hear that Ramadan is the best time to put your hijab on for 1st time but I would like to add Fall season to it too: headscarf is just so well matching with ponchos, leather jackets and coats that you will love this new head covering of yours right away in sha Allah! Lots of layering provides the perfect covering of the body! But surely hijab comes 1st and foremost from your devotion to your Lord!

To cut a long story short, just follow these tips for styling your fave maxi dresses for winter.

1. Add boots — ankle or knee boots work. Or try sneakers for a more comfy option.

2. Layer tights or leggings underneath.

3. Layer a thin turtleneck underneath.

4. Simply wear your winter or autumn coat!

5. A warm scarf added to your maxi dress will keep you warm. 

6. Add a denim jacket and warm boots! It is one of my favorite.

7. Blazer and warm boots or booties!

8.  Ponchos are so posh, beautiful and warm! 

9. Head scarves: i always transition from chiffons to jersey or warmer scarves in fall/autumn season. 

10. The last and the best: pair it with moto jacket! 

And DO NOT FORGET to ... wear your heart closer to our creator as we always must strive to ihsan. Winter and short days are a believers' season!!! 

“The best season to a believer is the winter, its nights are long for those who wish to pray, and its days are short for those who wish to fast.”

- Hasan Al Basri (May Allah have mercy on him)

October 03, 2019 — Hanna Alhariri


Zainab S. said:

Absolutely beautiful dresses. I received them today, tried them on. and loved them! The quality is amazing and the dresses themselves are so pretty. Some of them make you look so delicate and soft. I am a happy customer! JazakAllah Khaira!

Kiran said:

Nice collection

Rana said:

I really like so many things do u deliver to Lebanon??

Haslinda Ismail said:

Assalamualaikum,, yr collection is amazing beautiful..i love it..and i want to buy yr collection. Pls guide me how to order. Tqsm

Rasha elsayed said:

these are very amazing a few beautiful dresses they look so stylish

Nazima hassan said:

Do you ship to Maldives ?i love ur dresses & style . Love to buy

Riza said:

What is the normal length of the dresses? I’m 170cm tall so will iit be short for me ?

suzan said:

can ibuy cash

Asma Ahmad said:

How would you recommend a size for maternity?
I’m currently 12 weeks and not showing. But I prefer maxi dress and not sure what size to go for?

mary khalil said:

Salam sister I would like to purchase a dress from your site. However I am 5-9 and wanted to know if it would be possible for you to make something to fit my height.

Salmah Osman said:

Salam, would really want to have the pretty dresses, but do not know to convert US sizes to Malaysian – My size is L or 42, please help. I am only 151 cm tall – Thank you.

Arooj fatimah said:

I am from Pakistan, how can i get your dresse?? And what about the price details??

Akgul said:

Здравствуйте, я безумно хочу ваши платья. Они очень красивые

Soad said:

I like your look when you was pregnant with a orange and solid plise dress can you make it again

Мuna said:

Здраствуйте. Какие платья можно носить с кросовками? Есть ли стили которые вы можете рекомендовать или снять видео или дать линк где можно их посмотреть?

Fatima said:

Hi there

How can we buy this items, we don’t know. Can you please advice

Omoaje kafilat said:

I love your clothes how do I get it amay in Lagos Nigeria

Dogmara said:

Ваши платья очень красивые

Rebia arwa said:

Thanks annah hariri for amazing dress I’m so so happy

Salma said:


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