Burkini Yes! Burkini No? Did you ever try a Burkini? - ANNAH HARIRI

Burkini Yes! Burkini No? Did you ever try a Burkini?

Burkini or sitting like me and just watching the sea? What is your choice?

I still can't get used to burkini and just feel not so comfortable in it.

But I love the sea and water. As alternative, I like having a dinner or maybe just a little desert or a cuppa tea at a seashore restaurant.

Having a sunset walk along the beach (I usually choose deserted or less occupied places for this) is another favorite sea-thing of mine.

And when I miss swimming, I prefer then women only swimming pools or halal beaches where one can wear a more comfortable wear.

What about you? Are you a burkini-yes or burkini-no person? 


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I’ve worn it to swim with my daughter at our apartment swimming pool. We have an indoor and outdoor pool and the indoor is almost always empty or there are only little children. I don’t feel comfortable wearing it when there are men around. I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it on a beach or crowded swimming area either. This is just my personal preference and my comfort zone and I would never judge sisters who choose otherwise. Thank you for making this platform available.


Yes to Burkini.
I wear it when I want to swim. I feel comfortable in it. At least we can feel a bit more free now when we’re in other people’s company. Not everyone likes being half naked even among same sex.
But I would still prefer Women only pools to be more widely available in all parts of the world.

Asma'u Belgore

A Burkina-no person, but only because I am self conscious. I also like to sit by the ocean and enjoy a meal with family. But it’s a good innovation in the hijab-fashion industry. And your pictures are gorgeous Ma She Allah :)

Aysha Sunaina

I don’t like to wear it, but i love SEA and swimming. And of course the apartment where I am staying has the pool facility that requires donning proper suit. No choice, as no dedicated girls-only pool here. So, yes to burkini, but hate it LOL


Assalamo alaikum .same here.no burkini person.there is something special in sitting near water and feel the essence and listen to music of water.

Abeer Hussain

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