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10 Essential Tips for Detoxing Your Child's Body Naturally

Our bodies, and our children’s bodies, are designed to eliminate toxins - through sweat, pee, and poop, and even through our breath and our thoughts. If toxins enter our bodies faster than our elimination routes can get rid of them, they’ll fill up and result into skin as with eczema; anxiety; gut with constipation or reflux; joints with arthritis; autoimmune or illness.

10 Tips to Detox Your Child

1. Spend at least 30-60 minutes outdoors. The “Sunshine Vitamin” D and fresh air have countless health benefits including supporting detoxification, brain health and immune health. Talk about all around us being creation of Allah learning new words in arabic or ayat. 

2. Run and sweat! Sweating releases toxins through our lymphatic system and is one of the best ways to get those toxins out. Kids love run and catch! 

3. Stay hydrated. My son always have his stainless steel Klean Kanteen bottle near. And better yet, stay hydrated with electrolyte-containing fluids like coconut water which he loves drinking especially from the real coconut! 

4. Get regular. Pooping is one of our most important detox methods. Increase the dark leafy greens and magnesium if your child needs a little extra help. Dried apricots will do. BTW my son does not eat fruit and veggies well so be understanding: I make pureed soups with veggies with he adores and puree fruits into home made ice cream using . 

5. Cut sugar or avoid it. Before my son knew about Nutella - I introduced honey 1st. He would now never trade his organic honey for any sweets. I also use honey in ice cream. I buy gummy vitamins and "sell" them to my kids as "sweats". 

6. Chill out! Yeap, kids also get stressed so dedicate time to chilling together. 

7. Probiotics! And they should not necessarily be from a pharmacy. I love pharmacy probiotics by the way too. Load up on fermented foods like sauerkraut (pickled cabbage yummy for every Russian), kimchi (pickled carrots), yogurt, kombucha as good alternative to a fizzy drink, ayran (my son's favorite) and kefir. 

8. Get your glutathione on! Glutathione is one of our liver’s most important detox compounds. Increase glutathione naturally with epsom salt baths! Who does not love a warn bath? Salty water also solves the issue if your kids like to "sip-that-bath-water".

9. Get enough zzzz’s. Make sure that you plan for a good night’s sleep when your kids’ brain is doing some heavy-duty detox and learning!

10. Leave a space for your kid's own way of detoxing. Observe them and they will show you how to live, detox and enjoy the best. 

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